Parse + Facebook Questions

I am trying to implement Parse + Facebook

Here is what I would like to do:

  1. User Log In with Facebook
  2. Login Authorized
  3. A new User created from Facebook properties (gender, age, name, etc)

Below is my code which logs in to Facebook using PFFacebookUtils. The code successfully created a User on my Parse, but I don’t have those details of the User from Facebook which I want to use.

I would like to get the user’s name, gender, hometown, etc on Facebook.

How do I achieve that??

    var permissionArray = ["public_profile","user_friends","email","user_birthday", "user_work_history", "user_education_history", "user_hometown", "user_location", "user_likes"]; on Facebook

        PFFacebookUtils.logInInBackgroundWithReadPermissions(permissionArray) { (user: PFUser?, error: NSError?) -> Void in
            if user != nil {
                if user!.isNew {
                    println("New User");
                else {
                    println("Old  User");
            else {
                println("Login Cancel")

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