Hibernate’s PreUpdateEventListener not being called in unit tests

I am trying to test my PreUpdateEventListener flow, but I cannot seem to make it work in the JUnit tests. I am not getting any error, but the code is not called. My PreUpdateEventListener: @Component public class CandidateListener implements PreUpdateEventListener { @Autowired EntityManagerFactory entityManagerFactory; @PostConstruct private void init() { HibernateEntityManagerFactory hibernateEntityManagerFactory = (HibernateEntityManagerFactory) this.entityManagerFactory; SessionFactoryImpl sessionFactoryImpl = (SessionFactoryImpl) hibernateEntityManagerFactory.getSessionFactory(); EventListenerRegistry…
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Is the tree actually exits?

Is the tree actually exits in java. We Have learnt alot about tree having parent,child,node and much more in the form of shape. is this actually happens? enter image description here Source: java

WebShpere responsed with question marks instead of text(RTL)

I have a strange problem, running my servlet on my localhost I get the response back normaly, but after exporting to EAR and running it on webShpere, the text in hebrew(or any RTL language) turns into ????, On my server I set the response CharacterEncoding: response.setCharacterEncoding(“UTF-8”); I could not find any inforamtion to help my solve this, thank’s. Source: java

install latest java version on linux

I am trying to install latest version of java in my linux machine,but I am unable to do so. steps I followed 1. downloded latest java tar ball 2. copied into /usr/lib/jvm and untar it. 3. adding in to environment variable (export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/javm/jdk1.7.0_80 , export PATH=$PATH:$JAVA_HOME/bin) 4. when I try to change the default java version, the installed one is…
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Not able to query data between two dates in hibernate

I am trying to execute a HQL query to fetch data between two dates. The query seems to be correct but i am not able to get the result.Basically i am trying to fetch transaction between two dates. I am using TimeStamp in the Hibernate entity for transactionDate. Date object below is from java.util.Date. I am querying between 2016-07-01 to…
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My buttons and seekbar stops working when I have changed orientation one time, how do i fix that?

I am trying to get my orientation change working without restarting my activity and it should keep my data “saved”. What I mean is that button should still work and for example my SeekBar should keep its progress value. Now I have two layout folders, one Layout-port and Layout-land to make it possible to have two different layout, which is…
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The requested resource is not available Glassfish 4

I have recently started working on web applications and was trying to set up a practise project to try out different things. But I am stuck at a very initial stage and I googled a lot but could not find the solution to my problem. I have associated the project with an EAR project and the ear is deployed on…
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Deserializing Guava’s Table with Jackson throws "JsonMappingException: No suitable constructor found for type"

I’m using jackson-datatype-guava. I’m trying to deserialize a Table from JSON, but I’m getting an exception. My code is: @Test public void jsonTable() throws IOException { Table<String, String, String> table = HashBasedTable.create(); table.put(“row1”, “col1”, “cell11”); table.put(“row1”, “col2”, “cell12”); table.put(“row2”, “col1”, “cell21”); table.put(“row2”, “col2”, “cell22”); ObjectMapper mapper = new ObjectMapper() .registerModule(new GuavaModule()); String tableJson = mapper.writeValueAsString(table); System.out.println(tableJson); Table<String, String, String> deserializedTable…
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Hibernate one-to-one loose relationship

I have a Table say product and other say product_external product (id – primary key, product_unique_id – unique kie) `id`,`product_unique_id`,`other_columns` ________________________________________ 1|’P1’|’abc’ 2|’P988’|’xys’ product_external `product_unique_id`,`other_columns` ___________________________________ ‘P1’|’werwer’ Both tables are loosely coupled, product_external comes from other system so we don’t have any authority over that (still table is in our DB). This is my relation in java hibernate Product.java class…
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