orchestral/tenanti Driver not supported error?

I am trying to use the orchestral/tenanti package in my laravel 5 installation to get a multi database multi tenant architecture up and running but I am not sure how to proceed after the installation.

I have followed the installation instructions carefully and installed the package through composer, defined the service providers and the alias in the config/app.php file and I also went ahead ahead and edited the AppServiceProvider’s boot method.

Now this section in the documentation is blurry to me. What is it supposed to mean?

And after that, how am I supposed to proceed from here on?
When I try the new artisan commands that come with the package like tenanti:install and others like it I keep getting an error Driver [mysql] not supported and so on. What am I doing wrong and how to set up this package correctly and where to go after the package has been set up.

Where do I create the migration files for the main DB and where do I create the migration files for the tenant DB? And how do I use this package inside my code?

Source: laravel

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