Oracle SQL combine 2 selects to one columm

Sorry if this sounds vague … I have searched for the answer for this but, am finding it hard to explain – therefore hard to search for.

I have a really simple script…

select pr1.polypart_no match_from, pr1.part_no match_to
from oes_polybox_replace pr1
where pr1.plant = 'W'
and pr1.part_no = 
      (select max(pr2.part_no) 
          from oes_polybox_replace pr2 
          where pr2.plant = 'W' 
          and pr2.polypart_no = 'YPOLYGREY')

…that shows in column 1, a part number and in column 2, a generic part that can be used in place of the part number in column 1.

enter image description here

My issues is I need to add the part in column 2 to column 1, i.e.

enter image description here

Is there a way a add 2 select’s to one column?

Source: oracle

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