OpenCart not loading scripts on first visit (no route=common/home)

I’m developing an opencart webshop and on the first visit ( is not showing font awesome icons and is different from /index.php?route=common/home.

Now im very new to Opencart and programming in general, so i hope you can tell me what’s going on and how i can fix this.

There is a custom theme installed (lexus gentshop), but im not sure that has any effect on this.

one of the differences :

<body class="main-menu-fixed common-home page-common-home layout-fullwidth">
First visit
<body class="main-menu-fixed common-home page-home layout-fullwidth">

The strange part is i can see font awesome being loaded in the head.
Is there a way to make sure everything loads correctly on the first visit, or redirect while still showing a clean url?

Source: php

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