Open GTS, build.xml "Build Failed" on Windows 7

I’m trying Open GTS and I have created all the required environment variables for use in detail the .pdf following installation.
Environment Variables:
Variable Name: JAVA_HOME (required for building OpenGTS, and running Tomcat)
  Value: (The location of your Java SDK Installation Folder, NOT the JRE)
Variable Name: ANT_HOME
  Value: (The location of your Ant Installation Folder)
Variable Name: CATALINA_HOME (required for building OpenGTS)
  Value: (The location of your Tomcat Installation Folder Apach)
Variable Name: GTS_HOME
  Value: (The location of your OpenGTS Installation Folder)
I have set everything perfectly, but when trying to do the build.xml Ant-Tomcat gives me the following error: “build.xml: 66: C: OpenGTS_2.5.9 $ {Env.CATALINA_HOME} does not exist”.
I suspect it’s some mistake with this environment variable, but even that is not, it is I need your help emergency.

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  1. Nitin

    Use SET command to set all system variables and also use SET CATALINA_HOME=path of apache installation


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