Object Oriented Programming with said methods. Java

Rational numbers contain an integer numerator and denominator. Write the code to implement a class named Rational which stores two private ints (numer and denom) with the following methods:

public Rational(int,int)
constructor that sets the numer and denom

public Rational(Rational)

//copy constructor for a Rational object

public void setNumer(int)
//sets the numerator to the paramter value

public int getNumer()
//returns the stored numerator

public void setDenom(int)
//sets the denominator to the paramter value

public int getDenom() //returns the stored denominator

//return a new Rational object that contains the reciprocal of the object that invokes the method.

public Rational reciprocal()

//returns a new Rational object that contains the product of the two paramteres.

public static Rational multiply(Rational a, Rational b)

I am stuck at the 7th method for this class. I don’t understand how to flip the numbers so that they are reciprocals. Any help will be greatly Appreciated. This is my code so far:

class Rational {
    private int numer;
    private int denom;

    public Rational(int numer, int denom){
        this.numer = numer;
        this.denom = denom;

    public Rational(Rational rational){
        rational = new Rational(numer, denom);

    public void setNumber(int fum){
        numer = fum;

    public int getNumber(){
        return 5;

    public void setDenom(int Dum){
        denom = Dum;

    public int getDenom(){
        return 10;

    public Rational reciprocal(){

public class Results {
    public static void main(String[] args){



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