Not able to run my Magento files on wamp server locally for testing

I am trying to run my Magento files on wamp server locally to test an e-commerce website on Windows 7.

For configuring Magento on my wamp server i reffered this documentation and as per the instructions given i installed magento on my wamp server.

After installation i uploaded my Magento files on it.
Wamp Server homepage where i can see my project folder named as niraame_running_on_06062015

But when i am clicking on it i am getting error which says that –>> Exception printing is disabled by default for security reasons.

Error massage when running my Magento file by using link localhost/niraame_running_on_06062015

I changed the link as http://localhost/niraame_running_on_06062015/index.php but this time i again recived the same massage with another log number
Error massage when i run the website using      localhost/niraame_running_on_06062015/index

Sir i am into testing profile and first time i am testing a website which is build on Majento. I am not able to open the website locally for testing. I have the source code with me but since i am new to Magento i don’t know how to use Wamp and Magento together. I reffered almost all available documentation regarding this but still not able to run the website.

Source: wampserver

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