Not able to assign value to JSTL Set tag

May be i am missing something , spent a lot of time but not able to figure it out to set value to JSTL set tag.

Here is my code :

  <c:set var="desc" value="<c:choose>
  <c:when test="${model.totalHits < 200}">${model.totalHits}</c:when> 
  positions at 
  <c:forEach items="${model.metaCompanies}"  var='item' varStatus='status'>  
  ${item} including ${model.metaDescsingleCompany}
  related to ${model.querymetacompany}."/>

Getting this exception :

org.apache.jasper.JasperException: Unterminated &lt;c:set tag

Am i doing something wrong ? Is there any alternative way to achieve this kind of scenario ? Please help

Source: jsp

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