Netbeans debugger stops at breakpoints for some projects, but not others

What could cause my Netbeans xdebug debugger to stop at breakpoints for one project but not the other?

I click the Debug Project button at the top. I then navigate to the page that my break point is on. For one project (fairly simple project), it stops at the break point and I can step through. For my other more complicated project, it does not stop when I navigate to the page that the break points are on.

I’ve tried multiple pages and I’m sure I am on the correct page.

Using WampServer, Netbeans 8.02, xdebug

PS. I’ve looked at editing the Project > Sources > web root, as well as the Project > Run Configuration > project URL and Index file. But this didn’t have any effect, still skips the breakpoints.

Source: wampserver

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  1. Geertjan

    Drop me ( a mail and I’ll help.


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