Need help in update a CLOB field(xml type) in oracleI

I have a column with CLOB and it has a data of type xml

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?><testRules version="1.0"><rule id="1839" name="remit_amount.minimum.dollar_amount"><value order="1" modifiedBy="admin" modifiedDate="04/10/2012 15:04:49">5.00</value></rule><rule id="1840" name="remit_amount.maximum.dollar_amount"><value order="1" modifiedBy="admin" modifiedDate="04/10/2012 15:04:49">1000.00</value></rule></testRules>

Now I want to update <rule id="1840">‘s <value to 1500.00.
Please help me to get the right update script for the above change.

Source: xml

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