need answer for below given things [on hold]

Q1) sam grants read permission to blake . blake grant read permision to clark . sam revokes

read permision from clark . what are the probabilities?
1) Blake cannot grant permission to clark
2) sam can revke permision from clark
sam cannot revoke permision from clark

Q2) The user wants to store control file of the DB that he is working upon in two different

location . what is the command?

Q3) Susy had ownership on tablespace susy-table. the tablespace quota alloted to her is to

be changed to zero?
option1) All tables need to be dropped first.
option2) All tables need to be deleted first.
option3) Can not change tablesapce quota.
option4) Can be done using a CASCADE Command.

Q4) Main function of Layer 1 is?

Q5) What’s the command used to mount a database on a specific path?

Source: oracle

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