mySQL how to limit query returning all results containing a substring

lets consider an example. I want to search car and i’m getting all the results right.

But the problem is i also get all the results which contains car as a substring e.g my result also return cartoon, care and every word that contains car as a substring in my database.

What i want is to apply a filter/condition so that it won’t return words like cartoon and care, rather it should only return words like car and cars.

How can i achieve that? I have tried below solutions and i know what the problem is but i cannot understand how to solve it

$string.='(tbl_data.ad_title like "%'.$_REQUEST['searchtt'].'%"  or tbl_categories.cat_title like "%'.$_REQUEST['searchtt'].'%" ) and ';

$gtdata = mysql_query(
"SELECT, tbl_data.main_cat, tbl_data.sub_cat, tbl_data.makevalue, tbl_data.ad_title, tbl_data.additional, tbl_data.city_name, tbl_data.city_area, tbl_data.date1,tbl_data.date2,tbl_data.make_featured_active, tbl_data.make_stoplight_active, tbl_data.make_urgent_active 
FROM tbl_data LEFT JOIN tbl_categories ON 
where ".$string." tbl_data.status='1' and tbl_data.del=0 and tbl_data.exp=0 and tbl_data.sold=0 and tbl_data.userblock='0' ".$orderby." limit ".$limit_start.",".$limit_end.""
//all results are stored in this variable

Source: mysql

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