MySQL Commands into .DBF Tables

I am currently writing a database system in Java that writes and reads to a MySQL database hosted on XAMPP. The system is fully up and running using MySQL commands to select, update, add, delete etc.

The issue is that we are currently using an old database written in Visual FoxPro that has its tables stored as .DBF files. Rather than taking a few years to get a fully working system and then moving everybody over to the MySQL system at once, we would like to have both systems working concurrently with gradually more people beginning to move over and use the MySQL system.

This is where I am having issues. Is there a way to both update a MySQL table and .DBF file when a job is added through the Java program? Is it as simple as using a MySQL command to directly modify the file? I understand there could be possibilities in Python or PHP however I have never learnt either of these languages and would prefer an easier solution.

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