MultiArch build support for eclipse autotools project

I have a plugin for eclipse autotools project generation. In that plugin I am generating my project and once the project creates it will start building for the x86 system. Now I have arm cross compilation support in the system. Now I wanted to build the same project for arm. The problem is if I don’t maintain a different build directory for the different architecture, it will overwrite the previous build data. So, How can I maintain different build directories for different architectures.


If I am building for x86 and arm, then x86 build should happen to

/some/build/path/x86/ parent directory and it will contain the below


In the same way for arm too,

/some/build/path/arm/ parent directory

So that, my source tree will never be touched and it will be clean.

Eclipse version: 3.8.1

OS : Ubuntu 12.04

Source: ubuntu

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