Moving files (Classes) between Dll

In the visual studio solution, we have 4 exe, and a multitude of Dll.
What was demanded from me is to take 3 classes, from one Dll to another.
i note also that in the project depencencies, the dll to whom we move, depends from the dll from which we took the classes.

i changed also
class DLL_1 moved_class to
class DLL_2 moved_class (dllexport and import)

i’m not used to do such tasks, so, i don’t know if i have impacts to manage.
these are some problems, can u help me please :

  • in the dll from which i took the classes, there are classes that heritate from one moved class. i don’t know if it can still work (i don’t think so, because dll is an executable as i know)

error C2504: ‘ClassXmoved’ : base class undefined

  • error C2011: ‘ClasseXmoved’ : ‘class’ type redefinition : i have my .h, and there is the same .h generated in the executable directory (i don’t know how it’s generated, and what is its use)

We can begin by these 2.

Thanks for help

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