Modify reverse lookup with forward lookup

I have a CLI script that runs through NSUPDATE for a DDNS unix server. It accepts user input and adds/modifies/deletes records as needed. I’m not sure how to, or if you can, modify a reverse zone record when a forward zone record is being change. Say

nslookup host1.zone1 =
nslookup  = host.zone1

I want to run nsupdate as follows.

server info ....
update add host1.zone1 86400 IN A

I’m wondering if there is a way to link the reverse record to the forward record so just editing the forward zone record changes both.

nslookup host1.zone1 =
nslookup = not found (want this to show host1.zone1)
nslookup = host1.zone1 (want this to show not found)

Source: unix

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