Mis-configured domain, causing 104 (connection reset by peer) error on heroku website

I have a misconfigured heroku website. It shows error 104 (Read Error: Connection reset by peer) upon typing its URL and hitting enter. But subsequently refreshing the URL a couple of times makes the URL load correctly (some kind of fallback kicks in? – not that I knowingly configured any). The URL is http://damadam.in/ (it’s a naked domain).

I bought this domain from godaddy. In Godaddy’s control panel where I have the DNS Zone file, the host www points to damadam.herokuapp.com (under CName). http://damadam.in is set to forward to http://www.damadam.in. Lastly, in my heroku control panel both http://damadam.in and http://www.damadam.in have damadam.herokuapp.com as the DNS target (could this last configuration be the problem)?

Can someone help me properly set this thing up?

Source: .htaccess

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