MikePenz’s Material Drawer – Custom AccountHeader and AccountSwitcher Dropdown

I am currently experimenting on MikePenz’s Material Drawer library, and it is so great except that I am currently at odds on how to customize the header and its account dropdown.

Material Drawer by MikePenz

I want to customize the data seen in the Account Header, where instead of Name and Email only, I would add two data fields. I tried scanning through your source codes and find it rather complex for me to track all implementations regarding the “name” and “email”. I would also like (if possible) to shift the user-icon orientation/alignment to right instead of left.

Also, I would like to change the implementation of the AccountSwitcher, instead of seeing other accounts upon clicking the “arrow-down” or dropdown, I would like to instead project other data there (i.e. the user’s personal information). It would be great if you would just pinpoint which class and methods should I just override for me to instead use my own implementation.

Please refer to this image regarding my concept. I hope you could help me for I am an amateur in android app development. (Sorry I lack reputation to post images)

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