Microsoft Access data came out in my JSP in wrong format and data which is registered from the jsp won’t stay permanent in the accdb

I have 2 questions,
I have 2 table in my database, they are MsCompany and MsProduct.

I use the MS Access’ feature to add format into my autonumber ID (let’s say the ID is 005 then it is automatically become PD005 or CO005)

but the problem is, when I take that value into my JSP pages, it only shows as 1 2 3 4 5, without the format.

And second,
I have a register page, and after I registered a new user or product, I can log in with that user or the product will also show up.

But when I check my accdb, the registered data are not there, and when I turn off my apache tomcat, then turn it on again, the product and member that I inserted are not valid anymore.

Please help!

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