Logging a user in manually on Laravel 5

I’m using facebook JS to log in users to a laravel 5 application.
I’m able to add the information to the database correctly but I’m trying to log the user in manually and can’t figure it out.

Here is my controller:

    <?php namespace AppHttpControllers;

use AppHttpRequests;
use AppHttpControllersController;
use IlluminateHttpRequest;
use AppHttplibTopAdditions;
use AppHttplibGeneralFunctions;
use AppUser;

class FacebookLoginController extends Controller{
    public function FacebookRegistration(){

        $facebook = new User();
        $isThereAUser = User::where('name', $_GET['name'])->get();

        if(!count($isThereAUser) > 0){
            $facebook->name = $_GET['name'];
            $facebook->email = $_GET['email'];
            $facebook->password = sha1($_GET['password']);
            $facebook->remember_token = $_GET['token'];

            $id = User::where('name', $_GET['name'])->get();



    public function LoginUser($id){



When I run that and there is no such user in the database, the user is created and I get this message when the manual login is attempted:

ErrorException in Guard.php line 425:
Argument 1 passed to IlluminateAuthGuard::login() must implement interface IlluminateContractsAuthAuthenticatable, integer given

I’ve been searching the web for similar situations but couldn’t find anything that will help…

Please help me!

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