loading high amounts of views programmatically in android?

I have a for loop within a for loop within a for loop (3 for loops). Each for loop loads at least one view in them some load more than 1. All of the views(textviews, imageviews) are loaded into a relative layout or a linear layout and those layouts are all loaded into one linear layout and all of that is in a scrollview.

I know confusing and probably the worst way to do this. I have looked up different things most of them are listview related such as the endless adapter or lazy loading. I don’t think listview will work for what i am trying to do. I have memory problems doing it this way.

So I guess what my question is will ListView be the right direction to go? Will i still be able to use my for-for-for loops?

Consider each block to represent a layout (each of layout consist of textviews, only the black boxes have imageviews and textviews) and also consider each color to represent a for loop. The black borders represent the linear layout that all of these views and other layouts get shoved into. Keep in mind it’s not always going to be the same amount of black boxes beneath the red and blue boxes

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