Literature list to master SQL / Oracle DB asap

I’m primary a web developer. During last 4 years I got experience with different programming languages and technologies. And now I made a decision to go on and to try something new. The result of my choice is diving into database administration.

Currently my knowledge in this sphere consist of:

  • base SQL knowledge (I know how to create/update/delete database structures, how to perform SELECT/INSERT queries with JOINS etc.),
  • experience in working with MySQL,
  • brief experience with Oracle DB

My biggest problem is that I’m relocating to another country after one month, so this is the time I have to prepare myself for the DBA vacancy. To avoid misunderstandings, I have to tell that I am a realist. And I perfectly understand that 30 days is an extremely short period of time and it’s definitely not enough to become an expert in one of the IT spheres. What I am trying to achieve is to learn as much as possible during this period of time.

Could you please give me a peace of advice about what books may be useful for me in this situation? Currently I am finishing reading Learning SQL by Alan Beaulieu. I find it really useful to fresh up SQL language itself.

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