liferay plugin error create in eclipse

im using liferay 6.2 GA4 with the GA4 sdk and Eclipse Indigo Service Release 2

i try to create a plugin, but it gives me an error, the eclipse console doesnt show one, and it says it created the plugin succesfully… but then it gives me an alert that there was an error, and to check eclipse log file..
i go there and see this:

org.eclipse.core.runtime.CoreException: Source 'C:Userskornjjuanmyproject.metadata.pluginscom.liferay.ide.sdk.corecreate31291735742' does not exist

i go to the path and it only goes to com.liferay.ide.sdk.core, there i find only a sdk.log file, with the eclipse console log that the plugin was created succesfully

ive seen the log of the dependency downloads, but see no error in it, it gets a


im using ant plugins

anyone knows whats happening?

thank you in advance!!

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