Laravel combining has() and whereHas()

I’m trying to combine some methods in Eloquent but can’t seem to get it together properly. I have a query that pulls all items where the hasMany count is 0.

So basically I want to know where the relationship is “empty”. In this case I have an item with audio samples. So, I want to get items where there are no audio samples yet.

return $this->hasMany('AppModelsItem')->has('audios', '=', 0);

This works completely fine. However I also want to add a filter based on male and female audio samples. If I use whereHas I can get the filter but only directly and can’t get the has 0 clause on it.

return $this->hasMany('AppModelsItem')->whereHas('audios', function ($q) {
    $q->where('gender', 'female');

But no I want combine them and can’t figure this bit out. So “get all items with no female audio samples”.

Not a lot of documentation on these except in the trivial case, I tried a few variations but it’s not coming up right. Just completely empty sets or only female or male directly without that “empty” 0 set.

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