Laravel – Architeture on how to find out last login of user

I’ve been looking for a way to check when users have been active on my website. My first idea is to create a datetime field on the database called “last login”, every time the user would log in, it would update.

Seems fine, but when a user has a ‘keep me logged in’ token, the session will remain active and he won’t have to to through the login process for a while, compromising the accuracy of the active date (I might send an email “We miss you” when in reality he’s an active user)

The other approach I thought was to have some key actions which would trigger the ‘active’ saving.. but then again, the user could not do some of these actions, having the same problem.

Since I can’t update the field in every user action for performance reasons, what would be a good approach for this? What do the pros use?

Edit: I know laravel has some authentication classes, do any of these functions activate when the user comes back (even if he is still logged in)

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