Laravel 5 FTP Upload

I’m working on a Laravel Project that uses FTP Service, so I used this . However I can’t make the upload to work. I have a proper connection and I was able to make a new directories to the remote server. Only the upload doesn’t work. Am I doin wrong with the parameters?

$ftp_upload     = FTP::connection()->uploadFile($file_loc, $current_dir);

When I var_dump() my $file_loc

string 'C:wampwwwcallrecpublicuploadsjoene12121313313116_SoniaSantos482UK_2015-04-28-20-22-25.wav'

Which totally exists in the directory and my $current_dir in my remote directory is

string '/CallRecordingsUpload/joene1212'

Where $file_loc is the local source and $file_loc is the remote directory where it will be uploaded.

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