Json Tab and Newline Parsing

I have a database in which a nullable column of the type (varchar(128),null) has a value of
in one of the rows (Tab,Tab,Enter) i.e. a string which is ttrn I guess inside the quotes it would be “ttrn” .

Now I retrieve that row through Odata (REST) query, which just returns json response with that value as “ttrn” . Now when I compare the two values through a function that compares two tables (I convert the json to a datatable in C#), I am getting a Not matching error.

I want the json parsing to not write it as ttrn which I think is not matching with the database value. I tried replacing ttrn by empty string but that should not match.

First, I don’t understand why there is a mismatch error. Second, How should I make it work, ie.e match the two values.

Source: regex

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