issue to call a jsp from a SpringMVC Liferay portlet

I have a SpringMVC portlet into a Maven built project.
I can’t have a JSP to render to another JSP.

I am not sure if it is because of my JSP path or because of something I misundertood with SpringMVC.

My jsp full path is :

I try to call it this way :

<aui:button-row cssClass="...">
    <portlet:renderURL var="myURL">
        <portlet:param name="mvcPath"
            value="render/logs.jsp" />

    <aui:button onClick="<%=myURL.toString()%>"
        value="my button" />

I tried with

value="/webabb/WEB-INF/jsp/render/logs.jsp" />
value="webabb/WEB-INF/jsp/render/logs.jsp" />
value="/WEB-INF/jsp/render/logs.jsp" />
value="WEB-INF/jsp/render/logs.jsp" />
value="/jsp/render/logs.jsp" />
value="jsp/render/logs.jsp" />
value="/jsp/render/logs.jsp" />
value="jsp/render/logs.jsp" />
value="/render/logs.jsp" />
value="render/logs.jsp" />

Whatever string, I set, when I hit the button, the page just calls the main controller which redirects to my default view jsp.

Thx in advance.

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