Is it possible to log -or get iTunes ‘Get Album Artwork’ content

Hello stackoverflow,

I was wondering and also really out of curiosity since I’m a programmer if there’s a way to log the iTunes ‘Get Album Artwork’ option or in any form see where it’s being downloaded from.
I looked into how the program works and found out that iTunes will only cover album artwork’s if the album ‘artist’ => is identical to the one in the iTunes Store and of course a matching album name (!!). Example below:

Artist: The Temper Trap
Album: Conditions
Result: The album cover displays.
Now if we click ‘Clear Downloaded Artwork’, rename the album artist name to: The Temper Frap and then click ‘Get Album Artwork’.
Result: Conditions failed.png

I tried sniffing iTunes with Wireshark & this is the closest what I got to:
No: 333
Time: 36.429098000
Protocol: HTTP
Length: 1351
Info: HTTP/1.1 200 OK (image/jpeg)

I don’t know if I’m now the right track but I read it can also be done by parsing a bit through of JSON and I’m not so familiar with javascript.

Tried the same method with Wireshark on Drake’s album (“If you’re reading this it’s too late“) in iTunes and found this.

HTTP 1126 GET /us/r30/Music3/v4/55/ef/e5/55efe504-9587-f09d-ebfd-c9327154e420/15UMGIM08570.600x600-75.jpg?downloadKey2=1432624848_be841549fa8c7bdfe8d6e713228a9ab8 HTTP/1.1
Result: Drake – “If you’re reading this it’s too late”.jpg

Source: json

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