Is it Possible to Email to client according their information?

I have a list of information of at least 200 Clients. And I would like to Email Them According to their Email Address. I’m Using a PHP Script with SQL Statement that Collect data from Database.

This is What I have try so Far. But I Cant just send 1 by 1 clients data to it specific Email Address. How Would I Do that? AND IF it’s Possible To send Automatically.

    mysql_query("SELECT * FROM client_table");

    //$body = ''
            $message .= 

            "Tel : ".$_POST["Telephone"]."n".
                    "Company  : ".$_POST["company"]."n".
                    "Status  : ".$_POST["status"]."n".
                    "Address  : ".$_POST["address"]."n".

$message .="

    Please Contact Management for More information.

    Thank you";

    $to ="";

$subject ="Your Info Updated";
$headers .= 'From: System Admin <>' . "rn";//<>'

if(mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers)){
            echo "We Received Your enquiry, We'll get back to you soon";

may Someone Help!! Thank you.

Source: mysql

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