iOS FBSDKShare API shareWithContent fails to post

I’m trying to use the Facebook iOS Sharing SDK 4.1 but not getting a post off. I have an active session, but the following code does not post to my feed, and I do not get any of the callbacks either (success, error, or cancel), even though the caller is a FBSDKSharingDelegate. I have attempted to emulate the sample code in the SDK documentation but to no avail.

FBSDKShareLinkContent* content = [[FBSDKShareLinkContent alloc] init];
content.contentURL = _Object.myPostServerURL;
content.contentDescription = _Object.myPostDescription;
content.contentTitle = @"New Post";
content.imageURL = _Object.coverArtServerURL;
BOOL ok = [[FBSDKShareAPI shareWithContent:content delegate:self] share];

I’ve tried with and without the “share” message wrapped around the shareWithContent; I can’t tell from the documentation if it is required. Either way, no callbacks to delegate, no post. Can someone help me?

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