Internet Explorer Incompartibility Issue

I have found this very interesting form for website:

I’m trying to implement this style of form in my website and the first thing I do is testing this across browser and there are a few issues that I have managed to fix except for one.

On every version of IE, for the first 2 questions, the answer from question 1 is auto saved and entered into question 2.

For example, if I enter “ABC” for question 1, hit enter to move on to question 2, type in “DEF” before clicking in the textfield to focus then the answer for question 1 will be “ABCDEF” and nothing is entered in question 2. It would be easier for you to try with your IE.

May I know if anyone got this error before or anyone has an idea how to fix this for IE?

It would be really great. Thanks in advance.

Source: cross-browser

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