Integrate Amazon Payments on iOS (Swift or Objective-C)

We are making an app that can sell event tickets from an iOS app. Right now I have implemented Paypal and Stripe payments on my app to charge the customer.

I was asked to integrate Amazon payments on our “NATIVE iOS” app to charge the user of purchased event tickets. I found the integration instructions on the Amazon Payment site but it seems to be compatible for websites only. See

This was written on their home page:
“Login and Pay with Amazon is the fast, easy and secure way to pay on desktop, tablet and mobile.” –

Can you show me how to do it on Swift or Objective-C? or can you point me on the right direction?

Note: This is about charging the client for payment of a product and not integrating the normal Amazon login or Amazon web services which I think is a different thing from “Amazon Payments” which should be similar to Stripe and Paypal.

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