installing gputools on windows

I am trying to install the R package gputools on a windows machine. According to the install instuctions there is no support for windows. The linux instructions however are all about instructing the r package where to find the cuda folder, so I’m thinking this should be possible on windows.

The file is

# set R_HOME, R_INC, and R_LIB to the the R install dir,
# the R header dir, and the R shared library dir on your system
R_HOME := $(shell R RHOME)
R_INC := $(R_HOME)/include
R_LIB := $(R_HOME)/lib

# replace these three lines with
# CUDA_HOME := <path to your cuda install>
ifndef CUDA_HOME
    CUDA_HOME := /usr/local/cuda

# set CUDA_INC to CUDA header dir on your system
CUDA_INC := $(CUDA_HOME)/include

ARCH := $(shell uname -m)

# replace these five lines with
# CUDA_LIB := <path to your cuda shared libraries>
ifeq ($(ARCH), i386)
    CUDA_LIB := $(CUDA_HOME)/lib
    CUDA_LIB := $(CUDA_HOME)/lib64

OS := $(shell uname -s)
ifeq ($(OS), Darwin)
    ifeq ($(ARCH), x86_64)
        DEVICEOPTS := -m64
    CUDA_LIB := $(CUDA_HOME)/lib
    R_FRAMEWORK := -F$(R_HOME)/.. -framework R
    RPATH := -rpath $(CUDA_LIB)

CPICFLAGS := $(shell R CMD config CPICFLAGS)

I have modified the file by replacing every instance of $(CUDA_HOME) with C:/Program Files/NVIDIA GPU Computing Toolkit/CUDA/v6.5/lib and $(R_HOME) with C:/R/R-3.1.2.

After this I rezipped the package folder and tried to install it with install.packages("C:/Users/prg/Desktop/gputools_0.28.tar/gputools_0.28/", repos = NULL) but this give the error file ‘src/’ has the wrong MD5 checksum.

Is there a way to get past the MD5 check? Do I need to specify anything else in the folder?

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