Installing a wanted version of R with ansible on a centOS instance

After reading this I have decided to use

- name: Install R
  yum: name=R state=latest

in ansible to install R on a cenOS instance. I have verified the version and it is 3.1.1. So if I do

- name: Install R-3.1.1
  yum: name=R-3.1.1 state=present

the instance will have the same version of R as the latest. But if I try any other version I get an error of inexistent version of R. So now, I am not sure that after a while the version of R will still be the same and not changed and then I’ll get the same error of inexistent version of R.

I want to have the same version, because an update may change the comportment of my code, so it will force me to do the changes urgently. Is it the version of R that matter, or just the versions of the packages? I am afraid that after a while for the newest version of R some packages will not be accepted anymore, so I’ll get in the same trouble of being forced to do the update of the code and everything else.

Source: linux

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