Install Flash Player on IE8 with Wine

I have to set up IE7 or IE8 with Adobe Flash Player on a Linux machine (to test a very old web application) but I fight with some compatibility Flash problems.
I’m using PlayOnLinux on Ubuntu 14.04 and I installed successfully IE with this tool but I tried to install Flash many times without success (from

Using PlayOnLinux is very user-friendly but I concede that Wine is very obscure for me … Most of my Flash installers crashed and the others who don’t, changed nothing : I can’t use my web application, everytime it is written that I have to install Adobe Flash Player to see the content.

I read that when Flash is installed you have to add it on extensions modules on IE but nothing is displayed. Do anyone has ever tried such a vintage/weird configuration, or can give me some clues to install Flash properly on IE with wine ?

Source: ubuntu

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