Insert PHP and MySQL to HTML Form already done

I really need some help here.
I have three HTML pages: Login, Register and Private Files.

It is like a kind of Dropbox, but a small one. Just for me and for someone I want to.
My question here, and it is where I freeze, is how do I create a database, according the FORM elements that I did in the HTML pages (for login and register). And of course, how do I connect the Database to the PHP and how to make the PHP “copy” the registration/login data do the database.
Can somebody make a simple database code, according to the code of my HTML pages? Believe me, it is really simple, I just don’t know how to do it.

For the “private files” page, it is the page that shows our own files, when we log in. For that, I think that is needed a PHP code that gets the User ID (in my case, the “idcartao”), and the files that are uploaded in the host.

Here you have the HTML codes:
– Pastebin with the links:
(In the private files page, it includes 2 examples of how I want it to be shown)

Thanks in advance guys. I really need this and I don’t know how to do!

Cheers! 🙂

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