insert mysql table from python function

I’m very newbie to python and how its mysql connector works in any web application. I want to try something easy actually but got no idea how to work it out. I have this simple python script to make random numbers and allocate it in a variable. (

import random
number = random.radint(1,1000)
print number

and this very simple python script to make a table in a mysql database (

import MySQLdb as mdb

con = mdb.connect('localhost', 'testuser', 'test623', 'testdb');

with con:
         cur = con.cursor()
         cur.execute("DROP TABLE IF EXISTS Table_Try")
         cur.execute("CREATE TABLE Table_Try(Value INT)")

My question is how do I insert the field “Value” with the value from variable “number” in, since they are different scripts. When the value is inserted, how do I displayed in a php page so it can show random values repeatedly in a endless loop when opened? I have searched tutorial links about this in google but none could answer my problem here.

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