inAppPurchase in ios SDK using xcode6

I want to test in-App-Purchase

What I have done:

1.Created Certificate/AppId/Provisioning

2.Bundle Id of my app : com.sample.product

  1. Set Up an app in itunesConnect.

  2. product Identifier of my app which i have to buy:

I have followed and implemented all steps from here:

steps i followed

No I get NSLog value : Product Not Availabel

I checked for issues like:

  1. Different product id
  2. Cleared for sale
  3. Waited 4 days

Why I am getting this error?
What I missed?

When I open app in itunes.connect and select In-App-Purchase am getting this message at the top of screen:

enter image description here

Is it OKAY ? Or due this warning message I am getting Product Not Available message ?

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