If user filled out form

I can see a lot of conditionals with Gravity but I am having trouble trying to build a page where users can see which forms they have completed and which they have not.

I want to be able to create a “user” page where administrators can attach forms to a user, and when the user completes the form and submits it, it will show a checkbox by that form.

I already have everything functional with custom fields, except the if statement to show if the user has already submitted the form.

I am hoping there is a prebuilt function for this, otherwise the only thing I can think of is attaching the user_id as a hidden field to the form, so when it is submitted it stores in the DB and then pull that field manually for the db to validate.

Based on some of the other functions prebuilt into gravity forms, I am assuming there is a much easier way to do this?

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