I am using CLION w/ MinGW 3.2, is this ideal for C++11?

I am a student but this is a more general question and not related to any HW

I am using CLION with MinGW 3.2 and CMake 3.2.2 Is this ideal for C++11? Or better phrased is this at minimum compatible and will not crash for most C++11 features?

A lot of my classmates are having issues compiling or getting crashes, my instructor suggested due to many of them not using the class recommended IDE (Visual Studio) and default compiler that it may be because their compiler is not C++11 compatible.

We have not used many C++11 features-in fact the only one we have used so far is auto. (I did some searching before and found that this was a C++11 new feature, is this correct?). Should I be worried about any compatibility issues with my given environment (MinGW 3.2 – CLION uses GCC 32 only last I checked) and CMake (ver 3.2.2)?

Also is CLION a good IDE in general? I have access to VS2013 for a year though I use a WebStorm and PyCharm for other classes and personal projects so I thought I’d stick in the JetBrains family and use CLION.

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