Htaccess : url redirection that contains special character

I want to redirect this url:
to new destination:
but it’s failed. I have tried these 2 redirect but none is working:

Redirect 301 blog/itxE2x80x99s-now-available-bookxE2x80x99s new/blog/itxE2x80x99s-now-available-bookxE2x80x99s 
Redirect 301 blog/it’s-now-available-book’s new/blog/it’s-now-available-book’s 

Source: .htaccess

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  1. Digin Dominic

    You can use this rule as very first rule in your .htaccess:
    RewriteEngine On

    RewriteRule ^blog/itxE2x80x99s-now-available-bookxE2x80x99s /new/blog/it's-now-available-book's [L,NC,R=302]


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