How to use a PMML model in C++?

I have converted a R model into PMML, using r2pmml.

I am now supposed to use this model in a C++ application but I’m a bit lost (I have never used C++ before).
I can’t use Java PMML evaluation engines (as proposed in this answer) so I guess I have to find a “C++ based PMML evaluation engine“.

PMMLlib seems to be used to create PMML files from C++, not to read them.
I have found numerous XML parsers (pugixml, tinyxml2, XmlLite) for C++ but I don’t know if any of these can be used to read PMML.

And if they can and I understood correctly the way the work, they will create a Document Object Model which will contain my model and I will be able to use this object with XPath ?
Otherwise, I would like to know how to parse a PMML file in C++ and how to use the resulting object.

Source: c++

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