How to stop minute cron job?

I have a program written in python,my program scrapes a value from some financial website every minute and pushes that value into my DB.My program takes like 1 or maximum 1.5 seconds to do this job. I have set a cron job to call my program every minute. I need to run my program in this way everyday from 09AM to 04PM. Now sometimes I may have to stop my program to kill the program at any time between 09AM to 4PM. How can I do this?

According to this link
I tried ps -o pid,sess,cmd afx | grep -A20 "cron$" and I was unable to find my program in the list since it completes it’s work in seconds.

Referring to this I tried /etc/init.d/cron stop and pkill cron which kills all cron jobs which I don’t want. I am running this cron in ubuntu linux .Any help with this would be appreciated.

Source: ubuntu

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