How to show all div with the same id?

this is my javascript and i want to show all the div with the same id.

    $(document).ready(function() {
   $("input[name$='interest']").click(function() {
    var test = $(this).val();

    $("#Subs" + test).show();


this is my html.hope you can help me because im still new in javascript

                        Art<input type="radio" name="interest" checked="checked" value="1" />

                        Business<input type="radio" name="interest" value="2" />
                        try<input type="radio" name="interest" value="4" />

                        @foreach($interests as $interest)
                            <div id="Subs{{$interest['interest_id']}}" class="desc">

                            <label><input type="checkbox" id='1' />{{$interest['interest_name']}}</label>


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