How to send facebook message from linux console (command-line)

Old days many admins uses sms-gates for sending important informations from their systems e.g. “Power down, UPS is working now!”, “Power Up, UPS is off!” or “CPU Temp too high!”. Today in Facebook era we use messenger instead of SMS, so I wonder if I could create a command-line bash or php script for such thing.

The idea – cron checks every 10 minutes the condition and if it is true, sends message to my messenger.

The issues:

  1. I don’t want to use my fb account for sending – I’d like to get message
    from “System 1”, “System 2”, because i have more than one system to
  2. The bash part is easy for me, I need tips for Facebook solutions:
    • do I have to get FacebookAppId (and do I have to create AppId for
      each system or just one AppId)
    • how to “join/confirm/accept” “System 1” account with my Facebook Account
    • is it possible to send messages to more than one FBAccount
    • any other hints what should i look for.

I found Notification App, but i think that it doesn’t send message to messenger, so it would be useless.

Source: bash

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