How to save stacked waveform using Signal Stacking Subprocess (SSS) within SAC

I am trying to save a stacked waveform created using the Signal Stacking Subprocess within SAC. Here is a sample of my code

r *_BHE_20150507_t2_bp_20150507_wfcc.sac 
timewindow 0 86300
qdp off 

w filename.sac doesn’t work as is expected as I don’t believe the write command works within SSS so the only other option I can see from documentation is the WRITESTACK command. WRITESTACK filename.sac doesn’t work, giving me the error

ERROR 101: opening file filename1.sac (Insufficient access rights.)

How do I just save this file to a name I want?? Also, is there any way to turn on ppk within SSS so I can manipulate (zoom) on the outputted waveform? PPK doesn’t work within SSS as far as I know.

Source: unix

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