How to return an array of structs to Console Application from Class Library

I have a Structure :-


typedef struct employees
    char* name[5];
    int empi_id;

I created a function where I need store the values within these structure.

int Disp()
    employees e[5];
    return 0;

TestDll.cpp Console Application:

void main()

    int obj = Disp();

I need to return these array of structure to my Console Application.I want to display the assigned values in my Console Application directly.How Should I return it?Can I send these array of structure as a function parameter then how should I do it.Since I need to send an array of 5.
Checking out the below link did gave me an idea of assigning the values to the structure but I cant display the values in my Console App.
return an array of structs or an array of struct pointers?

Source: dll

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