How to print specific elements from an array of string, ignoring int and special characters at the same time?

Well, hello

What i want to do is basically.
Sarah ID 1059
Jones ID 2095
Chris ID 5059
Samantha ID 3506

I took input in an array of string. I want to manipulate the elements and print them in this way.

Welcome Sarah ID “1059” Sarah GoodBye
Welcome Jones ID “2095” Jones GoodBye
Welcome Chris ID “5059” Chris GoodBye
Welcome Samantha ID “3506” Samantha GoodBye
This is the code i have prepared so far with the help of others, but i am stuck on the part where i want to print only specific elements while ignoring integer and special characters from being printed.

private void jButton1ActionPerformed(java.awt.event.ActionEvent evt) {
String[] names = jTextArea1.getText().split(“.”);
for(int i=0;i
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